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Dystopia With A Glimmer Of Hope

Hand Finished by Ralph Steadman and Mars-1. Signed by both artists in black ink. Hand-finished in black and red ink.
Collaboration of Mars-1 and Ralph Steadman.
This is an extremely limited edition Artist Proof that has been hand finished with Red and Black Ink by Ralph Steadman and Mars-1
This is print A/P #23/28, which is reflected in the photos
- Hand Finished Artist proof from and edition of 28
- 13 Colour Screenprint on Somerset Tub Sized
- Satin 410gsm.
- Size: Max finished print scale 100cm x 83cm. 
This is a large print approximately 33"x 42.5"
Shipped with FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery. The handling charge is for full insurance.

Dystopia With A Glimmer Of Hope by Mars-1 and Ralph Steadman

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