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Le Hachych by François Claude Lallemand


Paris. Librairie de Paulin. 1843


Language: French Text

Note: The book is missing the cover pages and title page, foxing throughout.
Rare first edition of this utopian and prophetic work published under the pseudonym Germanos literal Greek translation of his surname. The author transports us to the future in 1943 thanks to the hashish effect and describes the world of tomorrow a dream world. Lallemand paints a society where the United States occupies a central place where the British Empire lost its Indian colonial flagship, where the Suez Canal was pierced, where electricity replaced coal. He imagines a confederation of Latin states whose flag has the colors of the rainbow and whose capital is Marseille with a single currency. Incidentally, we notice that ethnic mixing is seen as a chance for humanity. an astonishing work by this doctor, member of the academy of sciences, member of the academy of medicine who allowed him to give free rein to his social and progressive ideas very marked under the influence of Saint-Simonism.

François Claude Lallemand, Chief surgeon of the Saint-Éloi hospital in Montpellier, the author: "Republican affirmed", became the friend and the disciple of Pierre Leroux and can, therefore, be counted among the socialists. In 1843 he anonymously published a study on the French situation in which he announced a complete transformation of society in all respects, including intellectually and morally. This study, now extremely rare, printed and published in Paris, under this bizarre title and deliberately chosen to intrigue.

Le Hachych (1843) by François Claude Lallemand

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