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"MOLOCH OF MARIJUANA" by Robert James Devine (Signed)


    "MOLOCH  OF MARIJUANA" by Robert James Devine

    Signed by the author 
    Reefer Madness Gold!!
    Devine draws parallels between marijuana and Moloch, the ancient Ammonite god: both are false idols, and both demand the sacrifice of children. Lending potency to this metaphor is J.N. Curry’s cover illustration of The Moloch of Marihuana, in which devilish drug peddlers fling hapless figures onto the burning hands of Moloch’s brass statue, while a scholar, a policeman, and other complacent citizens avert their gazes. The text is a series of anecdotes, and relations of Devine’s own crusading efforts against marijuana; throughout, those who smoke it suffer murderous or suicidal urges, accidental deaths, and other such grim fates.
    (circa 1938) books advertised on the back of the book are 1930-1936. Drug law referenced in the book is 1937
    Extremely Rare and seldom comes up for sale.
    Acceptable condition. The book is ex-library. library stamps. taped covers and spine. cover was removed and pasted to stiff boards. forward page is loose.
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