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VERY RARE publication "The Full Story on LSD".   1960s.  A hand-typed (mimeographed) publication by Martin Prentiss Choate, HCA (stands for Hubbard Certified Auditor - a Scientology professional classification).  8 1/2" x 11".  11 pages. n.d. (Circa 1967)

Choate, a proponent of Scientology, gives details on how acid (LSD) really works on the mind and the body.  He also refers to claims regarding the "Reactive Mind" and how it functions, made by L. Ron Hubbard in his book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.  Choate links together Hubbard's description of the function of the Reactive Mind and how this Reactive Mind comes into play when a person is under the influence of LSD.  In his book, Hubbard lays down a system of psychotherapy he developed from a combination of personal experience, basic principles of Eastern philosophy, and the work of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis.  This system is known as Scientology.
The reactive part of the mind, the primitive emergency-survival mechanism, comes into play when something occurs in life that the individual feels he must resist or avoid.  He blocks the painful aspects of the experience from his awareness, and attempts to deal with the situation with automatic responses built up from past similar experiences, including experiences from past lives.  "Pictures" of these experiences remain in the Reactive Mind and get "re-stimulated" or brought to the forefront of the mind when a person is confronted with a situation that brings up emotions of fear they have experienced during past unpleasant or frightening situations. The person will often over-react to the new situation that is not as threatening as his past experiences, and will be unable to think clearly to come to a rational way of dealing with the new situation.
According to Choate, because the person has been unable or has refused to deal with these fears, these old "stuck" mental pictures contain energy that surrounds the body, sort of encasing the person, and to a degree protecting their psyche from being hurt.  These mental pictures are still there because the person has not dealt with them, but are kept at bay outside the body and do not invade the conscious mind of the person.
According to Choate, this non-rational, stimulus-response aspect of the mind that operates below the level of awareness, referred to by Scientology as the "Reactive Mind", is important to an understanding of psychedelics and how they affect the user.  A former acid-head (user) himself, Choate discovered, through his application of Scientology's methods, that his use of psychedelics had interfered with his efforts to come to terms with his own hang-ups and to create the kind of life he really wanted to have.
Choate claims that, when a person is on LSD, these old "stuck" mental pictures start flying around as they are shaken off the body.  They may remain invisible or become visible as the energy gets "blown off them", revealing themselves to the person's conscious mind as "hallucinations".  Choate describes what causes a "bad trip" and what happens to the person during a bad trip.  Choate feels the opposite reaction to an acid trip is actually more dangerous than this - that is when a person's experience with LSD seems harmless and is actually peaceful and pleasant, resulting in the person using acid over and over again.  He explains, [paraphrased by me], that eventually a habitual LSD user's world will become smaller and smaller, forcing him into a perpetual state of confusion, with an inability to think clearly, rationally and creatively in order to deal with life's situations and to solve problems.  Choate gives much more information regarding this.
So far, what I have given is a very condensed summary of the material in only the first few pages.  There are 7 more pages, wherein Choate gives detailed information as the what happens to an LSD user psychologically and physically as they experience different reactions to the drug.   
Choate writes, "I think it is now possible to give a rather thorough account of what LSD is and does, thanks to a tremendous breakthrough in our understanding of the human psyche made by a new science called Scientology, which I have had the privilege to study and apply for several years."  "A path through the wilderness of the mind has been mapped by Scientology that can be followed by anyone.  Over 400 people [at the time of his writing] have followed this route all the way through and out to the state of "Clear", a condition in which the Reactive Mind has been entirely and permanently vanquished".

"The Full Story on LSD" by Martin Prentiss Choate, HCA (Scientology)

  • NOTE: This copy is age-toned, and has a rip in the lower left corner, handling creases to the covers. chipping to the edges of the covers. see photos.

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